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PetZoo's uncommonly large selection of premium quality dog treats will inspire you to reward your dog while providing a delicious supplement to his diet. Brands like Yummy Chummies (Alaskan owned and operated!), Greenies, Old Mother Hubbard, Darford and many more—companies who are owned and operated by animal lovers just like you, and who truly care about your pet's health. Ingredients like salmon, protein-rich chicken, turkey and beef, calcium-packed cottage cheese, wholesome fruits, vegetables and grains will have your favorite pooch wagging wildly! Reward your dog for good behavior or any time you want to let your furry friend know he's loved, with a wholesome treat from PetZoo.



Blue Buffalo
Whether you want to reward your dog, use them for training, or keep his teeth clean and breath fresh, all varieties of BLUE dog treats are made with the finest natural ingredients, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, chicken or poultry by-product meals, and are corn, wheat and soy free.
Yummy Chummies
Here at PetZoo, we love Alaska, and we love Alaskan-made Yummy Chummies! The principal ingredient in Yummy Chummies is wild Alaskan salmon. Historically, native Alaskans used salmon to feed their sled dogs, who were a vital means of survival for Native Alaskans in the harsh arctic life. Salmon gave their dogs essential protein, vitamins, and minerals. Modern day mushers still feed salmon to their dog teams. And now, nutrition experts are discovering what native Alaskans have known for hundreds of years: in addition to the high protein, vitamins, and mineral content, salmon are also an excellent source of OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 fatty acids. These OMEGA acids have been linked to fighting cancer and bone and joint disease, as well as contributing to a dog's lustrous coat. The makers of Yummy Chummies know you love your dog—giving him or her Yummy Chummies is the purest expression of your love.
Visit www.yummychummies.com to learn more.
Like so many great ideas, Greenies started as a solution to a problem. And that problem was bad doggie breath! More specifically, Ivan's bad breath. Like a lot of dogs, Ivan's teeth had plaque and tartar, and the resulting gingivitis made his breath more than a bit unpleasant. Something had to be done, and lucky for Ivan, his owners were not ones to give up easily. Working with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, they eventually developed the familiar Greenies toothbrush-shaped dental chew. Greenies continued to refine the original formula, and created an extensive group of treats, meeting the needs of many different types of dogs. Whether your heart belongs to a Lab, a Pug, or a mutt, you can always share in a daily moment of happiness…with Greenies!
Visit www.greenies.com to learn more about these amazing treats.
"We can only hope to achieve as humans, what comes so freely from our pets: unconditional love, loyalty and true companionship" - Darford founder and President, Darcy Bomford. Canadian company Darford was created in 1987, out of founder Darcy Bomford's love for animals, especially dogs. Seeing that the pet market was full of biscuits and treats made with sub-par ingredients, he decided to make a healthier, more natural treat—and began baking these new recipes in his home kitchen at age 19. Today, Darford Super Premium Dog Biscuits are now sold in Asia, North America, South America and throughout parts of Europe, but Darcy and his team have never lost sight of the importance of using premium, fresh-baked ingredients. All Darford Super Premium dog biscuits are baked fresh with natural preservatives and antioxidant support, and all Darford products are certified organic.
Visit www.darford.com to learn much more.
Dingo Brand "Meat in the Middle" dog chews are the irresistible treat dogs love! Dogs love Dingo chews over standard rawhide because each Dingo bone is bursting with the delicious taste of real meat that dogs crave. Whether it's chicken, beef or pork, each Dingo product is hand rolled with only the highest quality rawhide or pork hide. Sized for the littlest dog or the largest dog, Dingo "Meat in the Middle" chew has the perfect treat for every dog!
Visit www.dingotreats.com for more information.
The Chocolick family of dog treats, from HBH, provide Chocolately-tasting, yummy dog treats that are made from carob, and are 100% safe for dogs! Bite sized, dog-safe brownies…a soft, chocolately sandwich with an extreme burst of mint...the irresistible aroma and taste of chocolate chip cookies. Sound yummy? All these "Chocolick" treats are made from carob to make them a delicious, safe, fun treat for your dog.
Visit www.hbhpet.com to learn more!
The Redbarn Guarantee: At Redbarn, quality is #1. Strict quality control specifications in Red Barn factories ensure the freshest product goes out every day for your dog to enjoy. Redbarn Pet Products was started by two friends who believed there was a better alternative to feeding your dog dry food. They felt that the natural proteins found in fresh meat were important to a dog's health and well-being, and set out to develop a food that was meat based, preserved naturally and convenient to use. With the success of the food under their belt, the next step was to complete the line by adding an assortment of premium quality treats. The result is a full selection of natural body parts and a range of exciting and unique treats, including bully sticks, pig ears, hooves, bones, chicken jerky, and more.
Visit www.redbarninc.com to learn more!
PRO PAC® Nut'R'Nipz™ reward your dog while providing a delicious supplement to his diet. Nut'R'Nipz™ have a savory, peanut-y flavor blended with oatmeal, apples, blueberries, carrots and peas. Baked with a unique roasted peanut glaze, PRO PAC® Nut'R'Nipz™ super premium dog biscuit treats will have your favorite pooch wagging wildly for this special recipe. All PRO PAC® dog biscuit treats are naturally preserved, oven baked with the highest quality ingredients and packed in a re-sealable pouch locking in freshness and flavor. Other delectable dog treats from PRO PAC® are delicious, chicken flavored moist and chewy treats: ChickN'Chunks, ChickN'Chews, and ChickN'Strips, as well as beef-flavored Woof'emDown Sticks, Smoky Sausage Bites, and bacon-flavored Jerky Strips.
Visit www.propacpetfood.com to learn more.
Old Mother Hubbard
The folks at Old Mother Hubbard believe ‘They are what they eat.' And so the Old Mother Hubbard team of animal nutrition experts have formulated recipes that consist only of 100% whole foods and 100% human grade ingredients: boneless chicken, New Zealand lamb, real cheddar cheese, spearmint, whole apples, whole carrots, parsley, garlic, whole sweet potatoes, and sea salt. These tasty homemade treats were created with your dog's health in mind. Old Mother Hubbard slowly oven bakes its treats to preserve and enrich the nutrients, and to enhance the aroma. Different types of treats are designed to care for your dog's specific needs—fresh breath, weight, overall diet, digest and even tartar control.
Visit www.oldmotherhubbard.com for additional information.