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Serving Alaskan pet owners, livestock owners, horse owners and farmers began over 24 years ago with Animal Food Warehouse. Understanding the fencing, feeding, equine and farming needs of our customers in addition to the health, nutrition and wellness of their pets, has been and will continue to be our number one goal at PetZoo. We concentrate all of our efforts on serving fellow Alaskans and providing them with quality brands, individualized service and a passion for the Alaskan lifestyle which can only be found in people who share in the belief that "Alaska is the Center of the Universe."



Nutrena offers a complete line of feeds and supplements designed to provide optimum nutrition throughout all phases of an animal’s life. Using the highest quality ingredients and the most advanced nutritional technology, Nutrena helps assure the health and well-being of horses, livestock, pets and more. Cargill (makers of Nutrena) is an ever-growing center of global expertise in animal nutrition. Here, scientists from around the world are dedicated to understanding animal nutrition and how to apply it to meeting the needs of horses, dogs & cats, poultry, swine, cattle, aquaculture—and the people who raise and care for these animals. Nutrena’s innovative research into the nutritional needs of horses is enhanced by relationships with some of America’s leading universities. Partnering with these institutions gives Nutrena access to the specialized expertise needed to develop Nutrena products, uniquely suited for all types of horses at every stage of their life. Together, PetZoo and Nutrena can show you how we can make a world of difference in the lives of the animals you care for.
For more information, visit www.nutrenaworld.com.
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