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Whether your pet needs a sturdy cage, a safe perch, a bell collar, or an exercise wheel, PetZoo provides high quality, non-toxic, bird and small animal supplies that are specifically designed to enhance the relationship between you, the pet owner, and your furry or feathered friends. We want your pet to enjoy a happy, healthy life, and are proud to offer you fun, functional and fashionable products that address the care specific needs of your small animal pet. All PetZoo small animal and bird products are selected with the safety, enjoyment and well being of your pet in mind.



Superpet Crittertrails & Accessories
Superpet is a family of pet lovers, working together to bring you fun, functional and fashionable products (fun, safe homes for gerbils, hamsters and mice) that address the care needs of your small animal pet. For more than twenty years Superpet has provided quality pet products that are specifically designed to enhance the relationship between you, the pet owner, and your furry friends. The folks at Superpet are committed to studying the environmental needs of your small animals. Their goal is and will always be to significantly contribute in providing a quality pet experience for you, while helping to enrich the lives of the little furry friends we keep as pets.
Visit www.superpetusa.com to learn more.
King's Cages
King's Cages have been known for their world famous quality, design and construction since 1975. King's Cages produces numerous unique bird cage designs in a variety of popular colors, and uses the most durable, nontoxic powder coat paint available. These high quality cages are 100% safe—these stainless steel cages won't rust, and won't bend. All King's Cages paint and cage designs are tested at independent laboratories to ensure maximum safety and comfort of your pet birds, and are specially designed not to rust like other bird cages.
Go to www.kingscages.com for more information.
Marshall's Ferret Supply & Accessories
In 1939, the Marshall family began raising ferrets in the backyard of their family farm. Mr. Marshall grew up with a farming background, and had a keen interest in many types of animals—especially ferrets, who were helpful in hunting rabbits and for rodent control around the farm. Later, as ferrets became more popular, the Marshalls expanded their hobby into a full business of selling high quality pet ferrets. Marshall Pet Products was formed in 1993 to meet an ever-increasing demand for high quality products, specifically designed with the ferret in mind. Starting with comfortable yet sturdy hammocks, escape-proof harness and lead sets and bell collars, and the first and foremost Premium Ferret Diet on the market, the Marshall product line has expanded to include grooming aids, vitamins, supplements, toys and more. The caring staff at Marshall Pet Products recognizes the special relationship pet owners have with their ferrets. Everyone at Marshall cares as much about your ferret's health and well-being as you do!
Visit www.marshallpet.com to learn more about this family company.
Penn Plax Bird Toys & Accessories
Your special pet birds, large or small, can nest in style with Penn-Plax's collection of premium bird cages, perches and accessories (including ladders, mirrors, bells, toys, swings, seed and feed holders, water holders, treats and much more). Toys and accessories from Penn Plax are constructed of varied textured materials to satisfy your bird's natural pecking instinct, naturally trim nails and beak, and provide hours of enjoyment.
Visit www.pennplax.com to learn more.